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Do you feel empowered or powerless when you think about money?

By answering a series of insightful questions about your money beliefs, feelings, and behaviours, the Sacred Money Archetypes® quiz will reveal your relationship with money, and your money strengths and sabotages.

If you're like most people, you've probably noticed you're stuck in the same unhelpful cycle of thoughts and behaviours, but you're struggling to replace them with new empowering ones.

Take the FREE money personality quiz and get your personalized results and abundance roadmap so you can finally uplevel your relationship with money.

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The Sacred Money Archetypes® framework consists of 8 Money Archetypes. Each archetype has its own strengths and challenges as they relate to making, spending and saving money.

By understanding your money strengths and challenges, you will be able to create a life and business that are in alignment with your natural money strengths, gifts and money destiny.

This is a high-level overview of the 8 Money Archetypes. Do you know yours? Take the quiz to find out.

The empire builder and leader who inspires others to innovate and achieve wealth.
The banker who respects the power of money, is responsible and loves saving.
The relationship builder who creates wealth through the value of relationships.
The idealist who transforms ideas into financial success, and supports others.
The rebel with a cause who loves taking high risks and being rebellious.
The big shot who accumulates wealth while being admired and valued in the world.
The generous and giving sponsor who cares for others by empowering oneself.
The live-in-the-moment pleasure seeker who enjoys living life to its fullest.

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About Your Mentor

Iulia Mihai works with women who want to stop underearning and start tapping into their greatest earning potential. Women who want to feel empowered through financial independence and desire a life of abundance and peace of mind.

She understands that money affects all aspects of life and can stir emotions like nothing else, particularly for women who have been stuck in patterns of fear, financial dependence, and self-doubt.

Iulia is a multi-certified mentor (money mindset coach, leadership coach, hypnotherapist, and HR expert), a thoughtful introvert (ISTJ) occasionally seen as an extrovert at work, a best-selling author, and a world traveller and explorer. She lives in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

Iulia is a Ruler in Sacred Money Archetypes® and loves empowering other women and inspiring them to achieve wealth and freedom.

"It's time to do money the right way, not the old way."