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20 Powerful Open-Ended Job Interview Questions to Ask Candidates, Including for Virtual Positions & Gig Work


Because You Can't Scale Your Business if You Wear All the Hats!

For Business Owners Who Are Ready to Hire Their First or Next Team Member, and Want to Improve Their Interviewing Skills So They Always Hire the Right People Instead of Wasting Time & Money on the Wrong People

What' s inside?

A ready to use guide to help business owners ace their job interviews, both virtual and in person, so they always hire the right people

  • 20 open ended interview questions you can print and use immediately
  • Do's and don'ts so you have a great hiring experience
  • Things to consider as a hiring manager to avoid post-hire regrets

After working with hundreds of hiring managers and recruiting for 2,000+ positions as a Human Resources Leader, there’s one thing I can tell you with 100% certainty: the quality of your interview questions and the degree to which you are prepared for your interviews will determine the outcome of your interviews and the quality of the people you hire.

Are you ready to build an amazing team?